Azure Classroom Series – 03/Jul/2020

Azure API Management (APIM)

  • APIM is a way to create consistent and modern API Gateways for backend services

  • Refer Here for understanding API Gateway

  • Components:

    • API Gateway: (endpoint)
      • Accepts API calls and routes them to backends
      • Verifies Authentication/Authorization by API keys, JWT tokens, certificates or other credentials
      • Caches backend responses
    • Azure Portal: (administrative interface)
      • Define or importing API schema
      • Package APIs int products
      • Get insights
      • User Mangement
    • Developer Portal: (developer guide)
      • Read API documentation
      • Test API
      • Account Creation
      • Analytics Access
  • Open API is industry standard for documenting APIs

  • Azure API Management Service Instance Creation:

    • Select Create a resource option and search for API Management Preview
    • Now select the options Preview
    • After the resource creation is succesful, lets create our API by importing API definition at here
  • API Management can be used with microservices deployed in K8s in AKS Refer Here

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