DevOps Classroom Series – 03/Jul/2020

Creating k8s cluster with kubeadm (contd..)

k8s API

  • k8s API helps you query and manipulate the state of objects in k8s
  • Refer Here for information on k8s APIs and k8s objects

K8s objects

  • k8s objects are persistent entities in k8s system.
  • Every k8s object will have two nested object fields that govern objects configuration.
    • spec
    • status
  • Lets experiment with k8s cluster
kubectl --help
kubect get --help
kubectl api-resources

K8s workflow

  1. Create a Docker Image for your applications
  2. Now this application will be deployed to k8s cluster we need to specify desired state for our application.
  3. k8s controllers are good for desired state and they end up creating workloads
  4. To access these workloads we use service
  5. To ensure our data is not lost (docker volume) we deal with k8s persistent storage options (k8s volumes and persistent vols)

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