AWS Classroomnotes 27/Apr/2022

AWS EC2 Instances contd…

  • Instance Lifecycle: The billing which we discuss ove here is limited to on-demand instances
  • When we stop and start the ec2 instance
    • Following will not be changed:
      • private ip address
      • disk contents
      • instance size
    • Following will be changed:
      • public ip address
      • physical host on which your ec2 instance is created in AWS AZ.
  • If you want to retain the public ip addres we need to create an Elastic IP (Static Public IP Address).
  • Exercise: Create an ec2 instance of size t2.micro in any region. observe the instance states

    • Stop the ec2 instance (Before stopping make note of public ip)
    • Start the ec2 instance (Observe the public ip)
    • Now restart the ec2 instance and findout if the public ip is changed or not.
  • AWS EC2 per second billing for on-demand instances:

    • AWS by default uses per hour as unit for ec2 instance.
  • AWS Service Limits: By default, each AWS account has limits to the number of instances of a particular service you will be able to launch. Sometimes, those limits apply to a single region. The limits can be increase by raising tickets to AWS
  • We can view all the quotas per service in the quotas dashboard
  • Exercise: When we launch an aws ec2 instance we see some thing about status checks. Can you find out what they are?
    • What does status check pass mean and fail mean.

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