DevOps Classroomnotes 22/Oct/2022

Lets Make the templates which we have developed reusable

  • Reusability is essential as we follow principle DRY (Dont Repeat Yourself)
  • In Terraform, if we need reusability we need to create modules.

Activity: Lets use module which is developed by some one else

  • Terraform has lot of modules developed by communities and terraform stores them in terraform registry Refer Here
  • Lets create a vpc from terraform module Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the sample module used for terraform registry

What are the things required to make our template reusable

  • Outputs: Refer Here
  • Lets add some outputs to Azure network
  • Added outputs section. Refer Here for
  • We have made a small change to display subnet count. Refer Here for the changes
  • Now destory whatever is created
  • Now to make this as a module,
    • Module is not supposed to have provider
    • Modules generally will not have tfvars as this is something that belongs to template
  • Refer Here for the module usage syntax
  • We have created a demo to use the module from local path Refer Here for the changes
  • Now lets try creating the same from differnt source

  • Refer Here for the changes to pick the module from git repository
  • We can also use other sources Refer Here


  • Datasource help in fetching the information about some resources in the provider.
  • Lets try to query the aws to get the vpc id of the default vpc
  • Refer Here for the usage syntax of datasources
  • Refer Here for the datasource of aws vpc
  • The following changeset is used to pull the defult vpc id of mumbai region and subnetids of any vpc from az ap-south-1a Refer Here
  • Now lets add datasource to get all the resources of a specfic type (vnet) in azure. Refer Here for the datasource
  • Refer Here for the changes.

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