AWS Classroomnotes 22/Oct/2022

Manual Steps

Security Group

  • Steps:
  • Create a vpc with six subnets in two AZs
  • Create a web security group
    • Allow all ssh from anywhere (TCP 22 ,
    • Allow http from anywhere (TCP 80,
    • Allow https from anywhere (TCP 443,
  • Create an app security group
    • Allow ssh from vpc cidr (TCP 22, <>)
    • Allow tcp 8080 from vpc cidr
  • Created the stack from the template Refer Here for the changeset created
  • Lets create internet gateway and attach to the vpc
  • Lets update the stack to push the new changes
  • In AWS we have route tables (equivalent to routers). When we create a vpc aws by default creates a default route table
  • Lets create a public route table associated to web1, web2 and private route table associated to other subnets. public route table will have route to internet gateway for any ip address
  • Refer Here for the changes and update the stack

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