AWS Classroomnotes 30/Sep/2022


  • This is data representation format
  • This is used to represent data in the name-value pairs
  • Sample YAML
title: PS1
release-date: 30/09/2022
  - tamil
  - telugu
  - kannada
  - hindi
  - malyalam
budget: 400
director: maniratnam
  xxx: vikram
  xxy: karthi
  • Json also is the data representation format
    "title": "PS1",
    "release-date": "30/09/2022",
    "budget": 400,
    "languages": [
    "director": "maniratnam",
    "cast": {
        "xxx": "vikram",
        "xxy": "karthi"
    "isimax": true

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