AWS Classroomnotes 03/Apr/2022

Accessing the Application in EC2 via LB with DNS Record (Route 53)

Activity 1:

  • Create a vpc with 2 public subnets and 4 private subnets in mumbai region
  • So if you have to create the similar vpc for about 100 times in a month creating from console is not a sensible option.
  • For Automation purposes we have two options
    • Infra Provisioning using CloudFormation/Terraform
    • AWS CLI
  • Our focus will be using AWS CLI
  • After installing aws cli
  • Now we need a way to login into our AWS Account. For that we need to create an IAM user Refer Here
  • Now lets configure the AWS CLI to use the ACCESS Key ID and Secret KEy id
  • To do the activity lets list down the steps
    • Create a vpc
    • Add subnets
    • Add internet gateway and attach to the vpc
    • Create a route table make it public
    • Create a route table & make it private
    • Attach public route table to two subnets
    • Attach private route table to 4 subnets.
  • Lets find the command for creating vpc
  • Then open the page Refer Here
  • The command line so far will be aws ec2 create-vpc
  • Now Navigate to synopsis
  • Now Navigate to options
  • Now Navigate to Examples
  • Now the output structure will be defined in output section
  • When we work with aws cli, the id is very important for whatever which we create.
  • Lets start building commands
  • To create subnet Refer Here or search for commands Refer Here
  • Create internet gateway and attach to vpc
  • Next Steps will be exercise for you.
  • Refer Here for the steps done in the class
  • Exercise: Create a peering connection between two vpcs using cli.

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