AWS Classroom Series – 10/Jan/2021

AWS Read Replications

  • For the RDS instance created which supports all the operations (CRUD), a Read Replica can be created in the same / different region which supports only read operations Preview
  • Read replica can be promoted at any time to become primary database.
  • Generally read replicas have two primary use-cases
    • Business Intelligence Systems: Reporting /BI systems will use the data from database to generate reports and if we have applications which write to database and BI systems which read from db on same db, database performance might be degraded. Since BI Requires only read operations, we can use Read replica for all the retrievals
    • To have a disaster recovery
  • Lets create a mysql database in free tier (db.t2.micro) with automatic backups
  • Now lets create read replica in the same region Preview Preview
  • Now connect to the write database after replication is setup
  • Let create employees database Refer Here
  • if we promote read replica then write operations also can be performed Preview


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