AWS Classroomnotes 23/Jun/2022

Using S3 from command line

  • Navigate to aws console and launch aws cloud shell
  • S3 bucket uri: s3://<bucket-name> s3://playingwithpolicies
  • S3 object url: s3://<bucket-name>/<object-name> s3://playingwithpolicies/images/
  • Using AWS from Command line enables automation as we can script what we want to automate
  • AWS CLI will have the following structure
aws <service> [<sub-service>] <action> [<--arg1 value1> ..  <--argn valuen>]
aws s3 ls

Activity 1:

  • Get the list of all the buckets in your aws account aws s3 ls
  • Remove any bucket aws s3 rb <s3-uri> & to remove all the items and then delete bucket aws s3 rb <s3-uri> --force
  • Create an s3 bucket aws s3 mb <s3-uri>
  • Create a file and upload to s3 aws s3 cp <local-path> <s3-uri>

Activity 2

  • Create an s3 bucket and inside it create three folders
  • images
  • music
  • videos
  • in each folder upload 50 text files from anywhere.
    aws s3 cp --recursive files/ s3://playingwithcli/images
  • Try to copy images folder from s3 into your local system

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