Azure Classroom Series – 22/Apr/2020

Components to be understood in/around VMSS

  • Backend Pool: Backend pool to a Loadbalancer is the vm’s or the whole VMSS which has to be load balanced
  • Health Probe: Load Balancer keeps track of healhy machines in VMSS using health probes. Health Probes are of two types
    • TCP Probe
    • HTTP Probe
  • Load Balancing Rules: Load balancing rules are use to load balance users request to load balancer
  • Inbound NAT: Is used to get into the other ports of the VMSS Preview
  • YOu can login into virtual machine of the VMSS using one one of inbound nat rule Preview
  • Now login into vm using the following command
ssh -p 50000 <username>@<lbip>

# ssh -p 50000 qtdevops@
  • NOw lets generate artificial cpu load using stress tool
stress --cpu 8 --io 4 --vm 2 --vm-bytes 128M -v --timeout 100m
  • Using htop the artifical load on cpu inside the vm looks like Preview

  • Watch CPU Average on the VMSS Overview Preview Preview

  • As CPU Load increase VMs inside VMSS increase Preview

  • Now navigate to http://<lbip>/info.php and refresh twice Preview Preview

  • Now if you stop the artificial load, vmsize will fall back to minimum(1)

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