Challenge on CI/CD – 4

Change the Bahmni application to Shopizer

  • As Bahmni has build issues try to use Shopizer
  • Create a Jenkins pipeline to deploy shopizer

Deploy the Bahmni Application to the Centos 7

  • Use the documentation from here
  • Create a Jenkins Pipeline to
    • Build the code of Bahmni in an Agent with Label BahmniBuild
    • Now copy the necessary files built to the other agent with Label BahmniDev and deploy the application Using Chef/Ansible/Shell Script
    • After the above stage is done now copy the necessary files into agent with Label BahmniInfra and Execute Terraform/CloudFormation/ARM Template to deply the application to the Cloud (AWS/Azure)
    • [Optional] Try to create the pipeline to deploy Docker Containers/ K8s as a Proof Of Concept. Atleast design should be great
  • Submission Procedure:
    • Try to fork the Bahmni core from here to your account
    • Create a Jenkinsfile with Declarative/Scripted Pipeline and when you submit the project, please share your github forked bahmni-core Project
    • Refer the below image for jenkins infrastructure Preview
    • For Ansible create a role /Chef create a cookbook in a different git hub repo
  • Do the same steps as mentioned above in Azure DevOps As well [Optional]

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