AWS Classroom Series – 26/Sept/2020

Cloudformation contd..

  • Lets create a security group for the app server which allows
    • 8080 tcp port
    • 22 tcp port
  • Lets create a security group for the db server which allows
    • 3306 tcp port
  • Lets create a security group for the web server which allows
    • 80 tcp port
    • 22 tcp port
  • The changes are over here
  • Now lets create a stack with the template which we have
  • Now Lets try to solve the problem of image ids, For this we have mappings in cloud formation.
  • We have added a Region Map to map ubuntu 18 amis from different regions Refer Here
  • Cloud formation has a lot of functions to support Refer Here
    • Lets use Fn::FindInMap Refer Here for the changes made in template
  • Exercise: Add one ec2 instance to this template in the web subnet and install apache. Make it public.
  • Next Steps:
    • Till now our changesets were about adding new resources, In some case we need to update the existing resources, So lets understand how to update the existing resources and create the deployment with autoscaling group in the next session.
    • We are not showing any outputs to the user, We need to add necessary outputs

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