AWS Classroom notes 11/Nov/2023

AWS Compute Services

  • AWS Compute Services
    • EC2: Creates Virtual Machines
    • ElasticBeanStalk: This looks like Platform as a Service.
    • Batch: High Performance Compute
    • Lambda: Serverless
  • How to create resources in AWS
    • From Browser (Console)
    • From Command Line (AWS CLI)
    • From Templates (AWS Cloudformation/Terraform)

AWS Account

  • For our usage
  • Enterprise Usage

How does AWS Charge

  • On-demand: Create AWS resources any time and delete any time there are no commitments. YOu will be charged for duration of usage.
  • Reserved instances/savings plan: Discounts for long term commitments will be offered
  • Spot Instances: Auction/bid to make revenue out of unused hardware

AWS Support plans

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