DevOps Classroomnotes 09/Sep/2022


  • Watch the classroom video for some references in this document

Scenario -1: For CI/CD Pipelines

  • Developer’s View:
    • Created/used the repository
    • Added changes
    • pushed changes
  • DevOps View:

    • Consider the change pushed at start creating
      • packages
      • sending packages to package repository
      • Create various test environments
      • Run automated tests
      • At any point if any thing fails notify the whole team.
  • Refer Here

Scenario 2: Creating Reusable assets as DevOps Engineer

First Steps into Git

  • Installing Git: Refer previous classroom notes
  • Verifying if the git is installed or not git --version
  • The first step in Git is to create a local repository.
    • Create empty folder
    • cd into it
    • execute init command git init
  • Best approach:

    • Start using cheatsheets
    • Refer Here for the sample cheatsheet.
  • Lets add a file to the repository

Three Areas of Git

  • In the local repo or local system which represents a developer’s system, We have three areas
    • Working Tree: This is where we make changes
    • Staging area: This is intermediate area before sending changes to local repo
    • Local Repo: Once the change is in local repo it will have history

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