Azure Classroom Series – 14/Sept/2021

Azure Account (Free Trail)

  • Creating Azure Free trail Account Refer Here
  • Azure Accounts, Tenants, Subscriptions, Resource Groups and Resources Preview
  • Refer Here for the free plan

How Azure can be Used?

  • Azure is used from
    • browsers via Azure Portal
    • terminal (command line) via Azure CLI or Azure Powershell
    • code (C#, Java, .net, Python) via Azure SDK Preview

Azure Core Identity Services

  • Azure uses a service called as Azure Active Directory to enforce Authentication and Authorization in Azure, it has many capabilities beyond simple Authentication & Authorization

  • Azure Active Directory (AAD):

    • Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity service that can help you to authenticate and authorize users.
    • We can use AAD not only as Identity solution for Azure Preview

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