Azure Classroomnotes 06/Jul/2023

Azure Compute – Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines – Pricing Models

  • Azure has 3 models for Virtual machine pricing
    • Pay as You Go/On-demand:
      • Unit of billing is 1 hour
      • No Commitments
    • Reservations/Savings Plan:
      • 1 or 3 year commitments
    • Spot:
      • To make revenue from unused hardware in Azure Datacenters
  • Azure Pricing Calculator Refer Here
  • Still to understand
    • Savings plan vs Reservations

Azure VM Image

  • Azure VM Image is used to create vms with all the contents of VM packaged as VM Image
  • Azure gives two kinds of VM Images
    • No additional costs
    • Additional costs hourly for VMImage
      • Pay hourly bills
      • Bring your own license
  • Virtual Machine Images can be easily created manually and also from automated tools.
  • Every Virtual Machine Image is identified by
    • Publisher: This refers to which organization is creating this specific image
    • Offer: This represents the application/os in the vm image
    • sku: flavour of the application or os
    • Version: this represents differnt versions of the same offer and sku
  • Image is represented with convention <publisher>:<offer>:<sku>:<version> with name urn (unique resource name)

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