Azure Classroomnotes 28/Dec/2022

Cloud Adoption Framework

  • These are guiding principles for customers adopting azure.

Scenarios of Two Organizations

Organization 1: iCommerce

  • This organization is an ecommerce platform where they have
    • 2 data centers across india
  • The application architecture looks as shown below
  • For BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) this organization runs the same application in two data centers
    • Bangalore
    • Mumbai
  • To maintain this application in the Datacenters, We need to perform
    • Datacenter administration
    • OS Administration
    • VMWare Administration (Hypervisor)
    • Database Adminstration
    • Backup and Storage Administration
    • Network Adminstration
  • iCommerce has decided to move to the cloud to reduce operational overhead and costs involed & they have global aspirations.
  • Minimal Outcomes:
    • Application should run as it is running on-premises
    • There should minimum Downtime (max: 1-2 hours) during this switch
  • Desired Outcomes:

    • Peak time responses should be quick and should not fail
    • Sync issues across datacenters should be resolved
    • Effective Backup solutions.
    • Cost Reduction.
  • Solution:

    • Migrate to Azure and ensure at a bear minimum things run as it is on-premises.
    • Now modernize to get the benifits of cloud

Organization: iDelivery

  • This organization has a business idea and that is approved to implement
  • As of now they dont have any thing existing, They want to build the application which is cloud compatible.


  • What is hypervisor?
  • What is Type 1 & Type 2 Hypervisors?

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