Azure Classroom Series – 30/May/2021

Azure Access Tier Lifecycle

  • Azure Access Tier helps us automating the movement of object’s access tier to optimize storage costs
  • To Create life cycle rule Navigate to Data Management => Lifecycle Management. Preview Preview Preview Preview


  • Create a storage account in Azure with the following containers
    • videos
    • music
    • images
    • docs
  • Add some sample file into the storage account containers


  1. Upload the content and ensure your containers are private
  2. Enable versioning
  3. Setup object replication to other storage account
  4. Create a lifecycle rule to move objects older than 30 days to cool tier


  • When we setup azure storage account for the application or backups to hold, if it is one time activity, we can use Portal to set up.

  • But if creating storage accounts is done repetitively then creating and configuring storage accounts from portal might not be sensible option

  • We need to create some kind of automated approach of creating and managing storage account.

  • To perform these kind of automated actions, Azure provides

    • Azure CLI
    • Azure PowerShell
    • Azure SDK
  • Installing/Configuring Azure CLI/PowerShell Refer Here

  • Setting up Visual Studio Code for Azure CLI Preview Preview

  • Alternative for Azure CLI and PowerShell, Launch Azure Cloud Shell Preview Preview Preview Preview

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