AWS Classroom Series – 30/May/2021


  • AWS CLI Commands will be in the form of
aws service <command/action> --parameter1 value1 ... --parametern valuen
  • Refer Here for the command line reference of AWS CLI

  • Refer Here for the aws cli for ec2.

  • To work with AWS CLI Commands we need an IAM User Refer Here to create an IAM User

  • Create a user and make a note of access key id & secret access key

  • Now configure aws cli using aws configure and enter region (code), access key and secret access key

  • In AWS CLI the commands with prefix

    • describe generally indicates get/select
  • Lets work with some describe commands

  • The Result of any command will have a certain output structure as mentioned in documentation

    • For the output structure of describe-security-groups Refer Here
  • We can filter for the specifics using JMES PATH

  • Refer Here for some of the commands explored

Creation Commands

  • In AWS CLI creation commands will generally be prefixed with create

  • Lets try to find a command to create an ec2 instance we need to use command run-instances Refer Here

  • While creating ec2 instance we provide

    • AMI
    • instance type
    • security group
    • key pair
    • tags
  • Copy the AMI id of Amazon Linux 2

  • Refer Here for the cli commands to create and control the instances.

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