AWS Classroom Series – 17/Mar/2020

Experiments to attach and resize volumes on Linux and Windows instances

  • Create an Ec2 instance with amazon linux and windows os

  • Create two volumes in the same AZ for Amazon linux and windows os

  • Attach the volumes to the respective instances

  • In window machine navigate Server Manager -> Storage => Disks

    • Bring the Disk online
    • Format the disk and give the new letter
  • In linux , for commands refer here

sudo lsblk # show me all block devices and make a note of 1GB device

sudo df -h # show mounts

mkfs -t ext4 /dev/xvdf # Create a filesystem

mkdir <somefolder> #(/home/ec2-user/newvolume)

sudo mount /dev/xvdf <somefolder> # mount disk to directory

sudo df -h # you should be seeing your new mount

  • Go to one of the volumes attached to windows and then linux and change size from 1 GB to 2 GB

  • Refer Here

  • Use this article to extend the volume on linux using here

  • Use this article to extend the volume on Windows using here

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