Azure Classroom Series – 05/Mar/2020

Azure Account, tenant and Subscriptions

  • Azure free Account Creation Refer Here

  • Azure Account has subscriptions.

  • Popular subscriptions are

    • Pay as you go
    • Developer (29$/month)
    • Standard (100$/month)


  • When an account is created

    • Subscription plan can be selected and then subscription is created. (Every subscription will have unique id )
    • Tenant is created. User management is done in tenant. (Every tenant will have unique id)
  • When subscription is created (In addition to existing)

    • It will be linked to tenant id or you can link to new tenant by creating a new azure active directory
  • Association Rules

    • Same Tenant can be associated with multiple subscriptions
    • One Subscription will be linked to only one tenant
  • Tenant Must-do’s:

    • How to import users from existing Identity Solutions.
    • Single Sign On


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