Active Directory Classroom Series – 20/Oct/2020

Active Directory Physical Components

  • Domain Controller:

    • This is a Windows Server, Will have Active Directory Domain Services Roles
    • This server can be physical/virtual Preview
    • There can be multiple domain controllers. Changes made in once domain controller will be replicated to all other doamain controllers
  • Global Catalog Server:

    • This holds the full writable copy of objects in its host domain and partial copy of objects in other domain of the same forest.
    • Applications & users in one domain can query for the objects in another domain (with in the same forest) via the global catalog server
  • Active Directory Sites:

    • This defines the physical network topology.
    • Each site can be different building in a campus network, different branch in seperate city or even in other country.
    • Every site will have atleast one domain controller.
    • There should be some kind of network connections between domain controllers of different sites. Preview

Lab Setup

  • Lets create one AD Domain Controller with the details shown below Preview
  • For installation steps refer video

Globally unique identifiers and security identifiers

  • Active directory can store nearlly 2 billion objects and to uniquely identify the objects , every user or group object create will recieve global unique identifier (GUID) and a security identifier (sid)
  • GUID value will be saved in objectGUID attribute and SID value will be saved in objectSid attribute Preview

Next Topic

  • Distinguished names
  • Active Directory Server Roles
  • Joining computers to domain

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