AWS Classroomnotes 16/Apr/2022

IAM Contd

  • Write an AWS CLI to Create a policy.

    • Create a local json with ec2 readonly and s3 readonly
    • give the policy name as clipolicy
  • Problem: We will be in many cases working parallely on multiple projects or environments in AWS as an Admin
  • Now every time i need to work on a different project executing aws configure and giving credentials is a painful job
  • To solve this kind of problems AWS CLI supports Named Profiles
  • As of now also we are working under a profile called as default
  • Lets create two iam users for projectA and projectB
  • Now lets configure using named profiles
  • Everytime passing the profile is also not a great idea, So AWS Allows to set the profile for the next set of execution commands by setting an ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLE CALLED AS AWS_PROFILE
# linux or mac
export AWS_PROFILE=projecta
# Windows Powershell


AWS Organizations

  • This ia an account management service that lets organization consolidate multiple AWS accounts into an organization.

Active Directory Sync to AWS


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