DevOps Classroom Series – 21/Sept/2020

Beta Releases to Apple and Amazon

  • In LT-HRMS we are ready with features and we are giving a test release to our qa team and when that is successful, we will give beta releases to aplle and amazon.
  • When we give new releases to the qa or customers we will continue working, To make this happen, Organizations follow two approaches
    1. Create a branch for every release (Release Branches) Preview
    2. Many version control systems supports tags or label. Git also does that.
  • A Tag points to specific repositories history which is important
git tag
  • Git has two types of tags
    • Light weighted:
      • Is a pointer to a specific commit
      • Create:
      git tag <tag_name>
    • Annotated:
      • Annotated are stored as full objects in git database.
      • Create
      git tag -a <tag_name> -m "tag_message"
  • Pushing Tags to server
# Push specific tag
git tag <remote-name> <tag-name>

# push all the tags
git push <remote-name> --tags

Editing Commit History

  • Now let us work on apple branch and create 5 commits Preview
  • Now your are asked combine c1 and c2 as one commit "c1.1" (Squash)
    • Lets rebase interactively
    git rebase -i HEAD~5
    Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets drop/delete c3 commit, again interactive rebase Preview Preview Preview
  • If you push the changes to remote repo after changing history your push will be failed. You might need necessary permissions to do force push
git push --force origin apple


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