Azure Classroomnotes 15/Mar/2023

Active Directory

  • Consider an organization DSquare with employees
  • DSquare will give laptops to the employees and employees need to sign in
  • To implement this feature where we have a database of following items below LDAP (LightWeight Directory Access Protocol) was introduced.
    • users
    • groups
    • systems
    • services
  • Microsoft’s implementation of LDAP is Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

  • Azure Active Directory is Identity as a Service.
  • Azure Active Directory can be used to provide Authentication and Authorization to
    • Applications
    • Organizations
  • Azure AD is all about
    • B2C (Business to Customer)
    • B2B (Business to Business)
  • Azure AD Supports sync or import of existing users/groups/objects from Windows Active Directory into Azure.
  • Interesting features
    • PIM (Previliged Identity Management)
    • Self Service Password Reset
  • Azure AD Pricing Refer Here

Which AAD i’m connected to and information about that

  • Login into Azure
  • Every Azure AD will have primary domain name
  • If we want to have our orgnaizational domain name that can be added, which becomes secondary domain name

Lets Create a user in Azure and login

  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory and Select Users and perform the following steps
  • Now lets signin with tony start navigate to Refer Here
  • Exercise: Create 7 users and 2 groups in Azure AD

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