DevOps Classroom series – 04/May/2020


  • Environment: Clone the Repository over here
  • Practice-Items:
    1. You are asked to work on feature-1, so clone the repository and create a branch called as feature-1
    2. Make changes in the src\ line 1 to some text of your choice and commit the changes in the new branch
    3. Add one more commit my making changes in the test\ and commit the changes to the new branch
    4. Create a testing-feature-1 branch from feature-1 branch and make a commit by changing docs\
    5. A new change is commited to master and you need to update that change to your branch also Preview
      • Do Rebase
    6. Add few more commits to test-feature-1 branch (two commits) and try to bring those changes to feature-1 branch
      • Do a Simple Merge which
    7. On the feature-1 Add some more change with two commits with messages commitx and commity. Preview
    8. Change the message from commitx to commit-x by interactive rebase
    git rebase -i HEAD~2
    Preview Preview 9. Change the message from commity to commit-y
    git commit --ammend
    1. Lets remove commit x by interactive rebase
    git rebase -i HEAD~2
    Preview 11. note: combining two commits into one is squash 12. Note: Never change history of public branches 13. Create a fork (a local copy of someone’s repository) into your account Preview

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