GCP Classroom Series – 07/Apr/2021

NoSQL Databases

  • We have four different categories of NoSQL Families
    • Document Databases:
      • stores the data elements in the document like structures (json)
      • Commonly used in content management, monitoring. Web and Mobile applications
      • Examples: Couchbase Server, CouchDb, MarkLogic, Mongo DB
    • Graph Databases:
      • Emphasise conection b/w data elements, storing related nodes in Graphs to accelarate querying
      • Used in recommendation engines and geospatial applications
      • Examples: IBM Graph, Neo4j, Allegrograph
    • Key-value databases
      • Uses a simple data model that pairs unique key and its associated values in storing data elements
      • Examples: DynamoDB, Aerospike, Riak
    • Wide column stores: They are also called as table-style databases
      • store data accross tables that can have very large number of columns
      • Commonly used in internet search and large scale web apps
      • Examples: HBase, Cassandra, SimpleDB
  • The NoSQL offerings on the GCP are Bigtable and Datastore Preview

Cloud Bigtable

  • This is alternative to the Hadoop’s HBase
  • Google describes Bigtable as sparsely populated table that can scale to billions of rows and thousands of colums
  • When not to use Big table
    • Do not use bigtable if you require transaction support
    • Do not use big table if your data size is less than 1 TB
    • Do not use big table if you plan to use Analytics, BI or datawarehousing use cases. (BigQuery is a better option here)
    • Do not use Bigtable for very highly structure or hierarchical data
  • When to use Big table
    • The first and obvious one has to do with very fast scanning with low latency and high througput applications
    • If you have write operations taht are very infrequent or not import and you dont care about ACID support

Google cloud Datastore

  • This is fully managed NoSQL database service.
  • This is something that we turn when we are looking for document-oriented storage in NoSQL database Preview
  • To use data store from


  • Data warehouse as a Service offered by GCP is BigQuery.
  • BigQuery is Google’s fully managed petabyte scale serverless database
  • To play with Bigquery google offers public datasets Refer Here

Memory store

  • GCP offers
    • Memory Store for Redis
    • Memory store for Memcached
  • Using redis from python Refer Here
  • Using redis from Java Refer Here
  • We can create a Memory store for Redis and Memcached and use it from applications hosted in Google APP Engine or VM Instances using private ip

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