DevOps Classroomnotes 28/Apr/2022

How Git Works (Local Repo) Contd..

  • To understand how git works we will be using some plumbing commands of git.
git cat-file -t <id> # to know the type
git cat-file -p <id> # to know the contents
  • Lets identify the type and contents of commit (master branch)
  • contents of commit

    • tree:
      • This represents your directory (working tree)
      • tree => directory, blob => file
    • parent
    • author
    • commiter
    • message
  • Download the qtecommerce zip file Refer Here and see all the branches and history
  • checkout to master, rel_tata_v1.0, rel_wipro_v1.0
  • We have done one change in the master branch which is not in the other branches

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