AWS Classroom Series – 10/Dec/2019

Sample Architecture

  • Consider this Sample Architecture Preview

Monitoring & Logging

  • We need a altering System to notify the errors as well as warnings Preview

  • For Logs also Cloudwatch is used.

  • Cloud Trail can be used for Audit Logs.

  • Prereqs:

    • Individual Resource Creation and Default Monitoring


  • Creating a Alerting Mechanism for the failures defined
  • Creating a dashboard which shows all the important metrics
  • Integration of Alerts with External Systems.
  • Create Log Queries for anamoly detection.


  • Batch Processing Using AWS Batch

Backup & Recovery

  • Create a Backup & Recovery Mechanism for
    • EC2 Instances (Virtual Machines)
    • RDS Instances (Databases)
    • EBS Volumes (Disks)
  • Prereqs:
    • How to create EC2, RDS, EBS
    • Where the backup has to be stored (Region/AZ)

Systems Management

  • OS Patching
  • Software installations on EC2 Instances
  • Configuration Management on EC2 Intances
  • Service: EC2 Systems Manager
  • Prereqs:
    • Ec2 Instance Creation
    • Usecases

Templating (IAC)

  • Create CloudFormation Templates for Architecture/Application Deployments
  • Prereqs:
    • JSON
    • Manually how to deploy the application architecture.

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