Azure Classroom Series – 10/Dec/2019


Azure Monitor

  • Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Diagnostics
  • KQL
  • Building Dashboards

Sample Architecture


  • Any resource in Azure can fail, SO we need some alerting mechanism for this
  • Azure monitor can help us do this


  • Our Responsibilities:
    • Use Azure Monitor for Alerting Mechanism
    • Integrated Metrics with Azure Monitor.
    • Log Monitoring Setup
    • Integration of Alerts with external applications
    • Build Dashboard

Azure Batch

  • Batch

Azure Cost Mangement

  • Cost Management

Azure Site Recovery

  • Backup
  • Recovery



  • Setting up backup for VMs, Databases, Disks, Platform
  • Recovering from Failures in above scenarios
  • Setting up Replications.

Azure Resource Manager Templates

  • ARM Templates to deploy Azure Architecture


  • Create Reusable Template for deploying applications/architectures on Azure.

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