AWS Classroom Series – 01/Oct/2020

AWS Cloud Trail

  • This helps in enabling
    • governance
    • compliance
    • risk auditing for AWS Accounts
  • Once the Cloud Trail is enabled, whenever activity occurs in AWS account, the activity is recored in Cloud trail events.
  • We can search, view and download past 90 days of AWS account activity.
  • Cloud Trail account types
    • That applies to all regions
    • That applies to one region
  • Three Event Kinds
    • Management Events: These events provide information about management operations on resources in AWS. These are known as control plane operations
    • Data Events: These events provide information about the resource operations perform on or in resource. They are also known as data plane operations.
    • Insight Events: These events capture unusal activity in your AWS accounts.
  • Log Format: Refer Here

Amazon Key Management Service

  • This service helps you to create, view, edit, enable and disable customer managed keys
  • Customer Managed Keys can be created. The Keys are
    • Symmetric
    • Asymmetric
  • The Keys can be used with AWS Services such as s3, lb etc and also with SDK’s
  • For pricing related info Refer Here
  • As a developer, you can use CMK created in applications Refer Here
  • Customer keys can be imported Refer Here

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