DevOps Classroom Series – 19/Apr/2021


  • Openshift is an extension to k8s cluster (Kuberetes++)
  • Openshift used k8s as container management platform & add several capabilities
    • Self-Service portal
    • Service Catalog
    • Build & application deployment
    • Built-in registry
    • Extended application routing
  • Openshift Flavors
    • Openshift Origin
    • Openshift Container Platform
    • Openshift Online
    • Openshift dedicated
  • Openshift Architecture Preview
  • Openshift Components
    • Openshift masters
    • Openshift nodes
    • etcd as a key value store
    • Router as ingress traffic control
    • Openshift internal registry Preview
  • Openshift developer env can be installed on machines using minishift Refer Here
  • Lets create an openshift developer sandbox at openshift online Refer Here Preview

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