GCP Classroom Series – 18/Apr/2021

Automating tasks with gcloud

Modifying output and behavior

  • gcloud tool offers many configuration properties and global flags to customize user experience and modify behavior
Global flags Description
–quiet Disable prompts
–log-http Record all network requests & responses
–verbosity <LEVEL> one of critical, debug, error, info, warningg none
–format Modify the output format for the command
–flatten Modifies the command outputt by separiting nested lists into distinct elements
List-Specific tags Description
–filter <Expression> Filter list results based on given expression
–limit <LIMIT> Limit number of results
–sort-by [FIELD, ..] One or more fields to sort results by
  • Lets use some of the expressions
gcloud services list --available 
gcloud services list --available --format="json"
gcloud services list --format="table[box, title= 'Services List'](name, state)"


  • Some other formats
gcloud compute zones list --format="csv(name,region)"
gcloud compute networks subnets list --network=default --filter="region:(us-west1 us-central1)" --format=json

gcloud compute networks subnets list --format="json" --filter="name=default AND region ~ us-central1"

Sample Shell Script to iterate through vm instances

  • Shell script to stop all vm instances
  • Refer Here for the script
  • Exercise: Modify the script to stop the vms only having specific labels

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