DevOps Classroom Series – 07/Dec/2019

Chef Server Installation

cd /tmp
sudo dpkg -i /tmp/chef-server-core_13.1.13-1_amd64.deb
sudo chef-server-ctl reconfigure
  • Create an administrator and organization. In this series the following will be the assumed info
USERNAME shaikkhajaibrahim
LASTNAME ibrahim
PASSWORD 'india@123'

  • The command to create user is sudo chef-server-ctl user-create USER_NAME FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME EMAIL 'PASSWORD' --filename FILE_NAME and now i fill it with above info
sudo chef-server-ctl user-create shaikkhajaibrahim khaja ibrahim 'india@123' --filename /home/ubuntu/shaikkhajaibrahim.pem
  • To create an organization command is “` sudo chef-server-ctl org-create short_name ‘full_organization_name’ –association_user user_name –filename ORGANIZATION-validator.pem“ and now lets fill with above info
sudo chef-server-ctl org-create directdevops 'DIRECT DEVOPS' --association_user shaikkhajaibrahim --filename /home/ubuntu/directdevops-validator.pem
  • Access the url https://<publicip>. On error click on advanced an go to <public ip> Preview
  • Log in to the Ubuntu machine and execute the following commands
sudo chef-server-ctl install chef-manage 
sudo chef-server-ctl reconfigure
sudo chef-manage-ctl reconfigure
  • Once this is done, chef server is exactly like hosted chef. in this case whenever you are executing knife commands do add –node-ssl-verify-mode none during bootstrap. you might need add ssl exceptions
  • Two other addons can be added

Chef Points for Professional Summary & Roles

  • Hands on Experience in Developing and testing chef cookbooks
  • Deployed configurations to various environmets using Chef.
  • Manged multiple nodes and frequent changes using chef
  • Created reusable chef cookbooks and hands on experience in using and fine-tuning chef supermarket cookbooks
  • Use chef as a provisioner in Terraform and Packer.
  • Use Chef Extension on Azure VMs to deploy Configurations.

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