Azure Classroom Series – 23/Dec/2020

Managing Azure Storage Account with Powershell

  • Ensure powershell extension is added to visual studio code

  • Create a file with .ps1 extension

  • To Work with Powershell

    • Option 1: Open Azure Powershell documentation page Refer Here and select reference section Preview
      • Just like what we had done in azure cli we can select the servcie and explore cmdlets
    • Option 2: Ensure Azure Powershell is installed. Azure Powershell Cmdlets will be in the form of <verb>-Az<Noun> for example Get-AzSQL
      • Search for the cmdlet Preview
      • Navigate to the help of cmdlet Preview
  • Now lets quickly look at steps

    • Create a resource group
    • Create a storage account Preview Preview
    • Create a container
    • Upload blobs to the container
    • Download blobs from the container
  • Refer Here for the changeset

Next Steps

  1. Authorization
  2. Versioning
  3. Page Blobs
  4. Append Blobs
  5. Archive Tier
  6. Table Storage
  7. Queue Storage
  8. Data Migration
  9. Static Websites
  10. Azure Databases
  11. Azure Media Services

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