AWS Classroom Series – 14/Jul/2020

Configuring AWS CLI and Creating VPC from CLI

  • Watch Here for configuring and installing aws cli
  • Lets use cli to create vpc, 4 subnets, two route tables (public and private), igw and change public route table routes
  • How to find cli commands
    • Using google aws <service> cli so our command would be aws vpc cli Preview
    • Build the basic command as mentioned in the image aws ec2 create-vpc <options> Preview
    • Now navigate to console to findout options Preview
    • Now compare these options with cli options Preview
    • Now lets build an aws cli command to create a vpc with cidr range of
    aws ec2 create-vpc --cidr-block
    • whenever we execute a command we get some return values from aws. The structure would as mentioned in the output section. generally we get id for most of the cli commands Preview
    • Make a note of vpc-id
    • Now lets create subnet-1
    aws ec2 create-subnet --cidr-block --vpc-id 'vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9' --availability-zone 'ap-south-1a'
    • Now create other 3
    aws ec2 create-subnet --cidr-block --vpc-id 'vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9' --availability-zone 'us-west-2a'
    # subnet-0f0773903274c200a
    aws ec2 create-subnet --cidr-block --vpc-id 'vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9' --availability-zone 'us-west-2b'
    # subnet-0926413588e319ce0
    aws ec2 create-subnet --cidr-block --vpc-id 'vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9' --availability-zone 'us-west-2c'
    # subnet-08afbbf3b9a05b575
    aws ec2 create-subnet --cidr-block --vpc-id 'vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9' --availability-zone 'us-west-2a'
    • We can verify the vpcids and subnet ids on the console. What should we do if we don’t have console access, we can use cli to query the details. AWS CLI generally has describe commands for querying
    aws ec2 describe-vpcs
    aws ec2 describe-vpcs --filters "Name=cidr, Values="
    • Can you find subnets
    aws ec2 describe-subnets
    aws ec2 describe-subnets --filter "Name=vpc-id, Values=vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9"
    aws ec2 describe-subnets --filter "Name=vpc-id, Values=vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9" "Name=availability-zone, Values=us-west-2b"
    • When we create vpc a default route table is created, find that route table information of your vpc
    aws ec2 describe-route-tables --filter "Name=vpc-id, Values=vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9"
    • Now create a route table in your vpc
    • Create an internet gateway and attach to your vpc
    aws ec2 create-route-table --vpc-id vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9
    # rtb-091eb84749f25aaee
    aws ec2 create-route-table --vpc-id vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9
    # rtb-0f84064aa86550c90
    aws ec2 create-internet-gateway
    # igw-0d5ccecf38dfdaf9b
    aws ec2 attach-internet-gateway --internet-gateway-id igw-0d5ccecf38dfdaf9b --vpc-id vpc-0aeff0cc4443b28c9
    • Lets associate one route-table (rtb-091eb84749f25aaee) to two subnets (one and two)
    aws ec2  associate-route-table --route-table-id rtb-091eb84749f25aaee --subnet-id subnet-0f0773903274c200a
    # "AssociationId": "rtbassoc-0a0e5995ca9940ba8"
    aws ec2  associate-route-table --route-table-id rtb-091eb84749f25aaee --subnet-id subnet-0926413588e319ce0
    # "AssociationId": "rtbassoc-000721624c4ffa39c"
    • Lets associate second route table with remaining subnets and make note of association ids
    aws ec2 associate-route-table --route-table-id rtb-0f84064aa86550c90 --subnet-id subnet-08afbbf3b9a05b575
    #"AssociationId": "rtbassoc-006cc54051e2521a9"
    aws ec2 associate-route-table --route-table-id rtb-0f84064aa86550c90 --subnet-id subnet-070c68a2f0ac13c51
    # "AssociationId": "rtbassoc-014341b74f85e9fff"
    • Now lets make route table (rtb-091eb84749f25aaee) public
    aws ec2 create-route --route-table-id rtb-091eb84749f25aaee --gateway-id igw-0d5ccecf38dfdaf9b --destination-cidr-block
    • Now verify in the console and experiment with two ec2 instances in public and private subnets
    • Exercise: Write CLI to delete whatever you create

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