AWS Classroom Series – 10/Jul/2020

Networking contd..

  • Answer to previous class question Preview
10.11.0000000   0.00000000 G

10.11.0000001   0.00000000 F S 3 4
10.11.0000101   0.00000000 5
  • When we create a subnet we have two ipaddress which are reserved (networkid and broadcast address), when we create a subnet in AWS
    • x.x.x.0 => Network address
    • x.x.x.1 => Reseved by AWS for the vpc router
    • x.x.x.2 => Reserved by AWS for the DNS server
    • x.x.x.3 => Reserved by AWS for future usage
    • x.x.x.255 => Broadcast address
  • First four ip address and last ip address (total 5) are reserved. IN AWS the formula for the host size is 2^n-5

Lets create a VPC in AWS

  • In AWS VPC is created at the Region level and subnets are scoped at AZ level Preview
  • Regions in AWS will have a code in the pattern of <cont>-<direction>-<number> eg us-west-2, ap-south-1 and AZ will have code of <region><a-z> eg us-west-2a,us-west-2b,us-west-2c
  • Navigate to aws console Refer Here Preview Preview Preview
  • Every AWS Region will have a Default VPC
  • Now lets create our vpc Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Generally when we create a network, we might need router, In AWS router is called as route table. Whenever we create a vpc a default rotue table (router) is created. It will have following rules
    • All the traffic with in vpc is allowed i.e. all devices in subnets can communicate with each other Preview
  • Network (VPC) which we created logically looks as shown below Preview
  • To enable internet connectivity (dual) to your vpc, we need to create internet gateway Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Current state logically looks as shown below Preview
  • To get internet to our subnets, we need to establish route table routes to internet gateway

Next steps

  • Create route table rules for internet connectivity?
  • What are public and private subnets?
  • How do my private subnets connect to internet?
  • How can i communicate across different vpc’s

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