Azure Classroomnotes 20/Sep/2023

Azure SQL Pricing Models

  • Azure Reservations: Azure Reservations are provided for various services where the commitment for using the service is 1 year or 3 years
  • Pricing Models
    • DTU (Database Tranasaction Unit)
    • vCore
    • Serverless
  • DTU Refer Here
    • In DTU we have 3 service tiers
      • Basic
      • Standard
      • Premium
  • vCore: This Kind of databases use vCore rather than DTU
    • Service Tiers:
      • General Purpose
      • Business Critical
      • Hyperscale
    • Compute Tier:
      • Provisioned
      • Serverless: Per second billing of compute according to usage
  • When to use which Pricing Model and Service Tier
    • Developer database: DTU based Basic models should suffice
    • Dev/QA environments: In these cases using elastic pool is recommened
      • DTU Based Standard
      • vCore Based General Purpose
    • Production Environments:
      • Traditional Web application: vCore Based Business Critical
      • Microservices: General Purpose
      • Datawarehouses and Analytics:
        • HyperScale in vCore
        • Premium in DTU Model
      • Non-Critical databases in Production where the usage is not measured: Use Serverless

Activity: Create a serverless database

  • As shown in the class, Create a serverless database
  • Data Management:
    • Creating Replicas
  • Resizing

Service Comparision of Azure SQL


  • SQL Server Variants in Azure
    • Azure SQL Database:
      • Core database functionality
      • Using most recent version of SQL Server
    • Azure SQL Managed Instances:
      • This will be equivalent to running SQL Server with features not supported by Azure SQL enabled. (roughly equivalent to SQL Server Installed in your on-prem)
    • Azure SQL on VMs: SQL server on virtual machines with more administrative efforts compared to Azure SQL Database and less compared to the onprem -db

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