AWS Classroom Series – 18/Jul/2020


  • Lets create one ec2 instance in your vpc and observe public dns name Preview
  • Lets compare this ec2 instance created in default vpc Preview
  • Other point is vpc by default enable public ip, but for vpc default is no public ip address

DHCP Options Set

  • View DHCP Options set for your vpc Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • You can specify DHCP options which define the DNS servers connected to your vpc, It defines hostnaming conventions etc. Lets look at DHCP Options
    • domain-name-servers: The is ip address of four domain name servers or AmazonProvidedDNS
    • domain-name: If you are using AmazonProvidedDNS in us-west-2 the name would be <region>.compute.internal

DNS Resolutions and DNS Hostname

  • DNS Resolutions Preview Preview
  • Enable DNS Hostnames Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets start the ec2 instance in our vpc Preview

VPC Endpoints

  • A vpc endpoint enables you to privately connect your vpc to supported AWS services and VPC endpoint services powered by AWS PrivateLink without requiring internet gateway. Preview
  • Endpoints are two types depending on Connection
    • VPC Endpoints
    • VPC Endpoints with AWSPrivateLink
  • Endpoints are virtual devices. They allow communication b/w instances in your vpc and sevices without imposing availability risk
  • Two types of endpoints are
    • Interface endpoint
    • Gateway endpoint
  • Interface endpoint:
    • Is an elastic network interface with private ip from your cidr range of your subnet that serves as an entrypoint to traffic to as supported AWS Service Preview
    • You can create interface endpoint for
      • API Gateway
      • AppStream 2.0
      • Appmesh
      • Application Autoscaling
      • Athena
      • Aurora
      • Auto Scaling
      • Certifacte Manager
      • Cloud Directory
      • Cloudformation
      • CloudTrail/Cloudwatch
      • Codebuild/codecommit
      • Config
      • EC2
      • Elastic Load Balancing
      • RDS
  • Gateway Endpoint
    • Gateway endpoint is a gateway that you can specify as a target for a route in the route table Preview

How will enable communication between Servers On-premise and VPC

  • Scenario 1: DB is hosted on Premise (Hybrid Cloud) Preview
  • Scenario 2: Backups to be sent to AWS Preview
  • Scenario 3: Private ip connectivity b/w your office datacenter and aws
  • Next Steps:
    1. VPN
    2. Direct Connect

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