AWS Classroom 14/Nov/2019

EC2 Instance Types

  • Refer Here
  • Instances Types are divided into Families
    • They Share same Hardware
    • Instance Families also have Generations
  • Instance Types are Categorized into Purposes
    • General Purpose:
      • CPU to RAM Ratio is balanced
    • Compute Optimized:
      • High CPU to RAM
    • Memory Optimized:
      • High RAM to CPU
    • Storage Optimized:
      • Hard disk related optimizations
    • Accelerated Compute:
      • Parallel Processors

EC2 Pricing Models

  • Use Amazon Pricing Calculator
  • On Demand:
    • Create a machine at any point and delete the machine on demand
    • Billing:
      • Hourly: unit of billing is 1 hour
      • Per-Second: unit of billing is Second
    • EC2 Billing
      • Only when your instance is Running
    • Disk Billings:
      • This billings continue irrespective of instance state
    • This is the Costliest Model of Amazon.
  • Reserved Instances:
    • Users give a commitment to Amazon for 1 or 3 years
    • They can pay the bills of EC2 machine with Commitment
      • All upfront (most discounted price)
      • Partial Upfront
      • Pay as you go (monthly bills)
    • Ec2 machines are charged for complete hours.
  • Spot Instances:
    • Users can bid for instances
  • Scheduled Instances:
    • Users can create a schedule for creating and deleting EC2 Machines
  • Savings Plan:
    • Give a commitment on Cost.
    • I will be using ec2 machines of work 10$/hour for next one year

Auto Scaling

  • Basic Architecture Preview

  • Problem with load increase Preview

  • AWS Cloud Solution Preview

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