DevOps Classroomnotes 10/Jun/2022


  • Installing Docker on a Linux Server
    • Create your own linux instance and install docker
    • Use Docker Playground Refer Here. You need to create a Docker Hub account Refer Here
  • Docker has two major components
    • Client
    • Engine/Runtime/Server
  • Activity 1: Now lets assume we want to run nginx inside a container.
    • We need docker image to create a container.
    • We can search for existing images Refer Here Refer Here
    • The name of the image is nginx
    • To create a container run the following command docker container run -d -P nginx
    • Now lets create another nginx container
    • If we anlayze what has happened the following image will help you with details
    • Takeaway: To create a container i need an image.
    • If we need to run the application developed by our dev team inside containers we need to create image of it.
    • Creating the docker image for an application is called as containerizing and this is our first activity as a devops engineer.
  • Activity 2: I want to run a postgressql inside a container
    • Refer Here for the postgres image
    • The command is docker container run -d -P postgres

How do i build Docker images?

  • As learnt in the demo, when ever dev team makes changes in the code, we are expected to create a docker image
  • Since there will be lot of changes, we need to maintain multiple versions.
  • A version in docker image is referred as tag.
  • Ideally the docker image build should be done along with code developed by dev team.
  • Will be continued in the next session


  • Create a docker hub account
  • Download any cheatsheats of docker
  • Create a free Azure Account Refer Here
  • Refer Here

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