AWS Classroom Series – 23/Jan/2020

AWS Free Tier Account Creation


  • Goal: Ensuring Existing infrastructure on-premise to work on cloud.


  • An Application has following infrastructure Preview


  • Infrastructure: Physical/Virtual
  • Virtualization Platform: VM Ware ESXI/Hyper-V

Approach for Solution

  1. Create a Depenendency Graph to decide on order of migration Preview

  2. Migration Approches for Operating Systems

    • Physical to Virtual Migration (P2V)
    • Virtual to Virtual Migration (V2V)
  3. Database Migrations

    • Check for possibility to migrate to Service (RDS)
  4. Possibility of PAAS/Docker kind of Platforms

  5. Look at support matrix.

Migrations to be done by all of us

  • Physical to Amazon EC2
  • VMs on Hyper-V to EC2
  • VMs on VmWare ESXI to EC2
  • Database Migration

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