Azure Classroom Series – 23/Jan/2020

Azure Account Creation



  • Applications are hosted onpremise. In the current scenario, the organization is using
    • apache servers
    • iis servers
    • tomcat server
    • kafka server
    • mysql database
    • Active Directory
  • Infrastructure Possibilities:
    • Servers => Physical Server/VM Ware / Hyper-V
    • Backup/Disaster Recovery Mechanism Preview

Possible Solutions to Migrations

  • Expectation: Environment should be same as what it was, in the cloud post migration.

  • Approach:

    • depict dependency to set order of migration Preview
  • Solutions:

    • Physical to Virtual Migration (P2V)
    • Virtual to Virtual Migration (V2V)
    • Databases Migrations
    • Migrations to PAAS (Platform as a Service)


  • Companies willing to move to cloud would expect current infra on azure
  • Companies running infra from one cloud provider into another

To Do Migration by all of us

  • AWS to Azure VM Migration
  • Hyper-V to Azure
  • VMWARE ESXI to Azure
  • Database Migration

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