AWS Classroomnotes 12/Aug/2023

Cloud formation contd

Change – 4 Create a private route table

Change – 5: Add routes to route table to make it public

  • For manual steps refer class room video
  • Refer Here for cloudformation resource route
  • Now execute the changeset

Change -6: Associate subnets to route table

  • Associate web subnet to public route table and other subnets to private route table.
  • Refer Here for the resource
  • Refer Here for the changes to associate route table and update the stack

Change – 7 : Create security groups

  • Web:
    • Ingress/Incoming:
      • Allow ssh (tcp 22) from any where
      • Allow http (tcp 80) from any where
      • Allow https (tcp 443) from any where
    • Egress/Outgoing:
      • Allow all traffic
  • Refer Here for the changes to create web security group
  • App:
    • Ingress/Incoming:
      • Any tcp port from vpc cidr (
    • Egress/Outgoing:
      • Allow all traffic
    • Refer Here for the changes done
  • DB:
    • Ingress/Incoming:
      • Any tcp request on 3306 port from vpc cidr

Change – 8: Now apply the stack by changing parameter values

  • Change the parameters by updating and using the same template


  • Changeset Refer Here
  • In AWS cf when we update the values after the resources are created i.e. when we change the paramter values, following can happen
    • Replacement
    • No interruption
    • Some interruptions

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