Azure Classroom Series – 13/Nov/2020

Azure Application Gateway

  • This is loadbalancer for web (http) based traffic. This allows path based routing.


  • Create a vm with gameoflife app in it.
  • Create a vm with lamp app in it
  • Create an application gateway
  • Exercise: Create an application gateway with routes
    • /gameoflife => gameoflife application Refer Here
    • /nopcommerce => nopcommerce application Refer Here
  • Note: Refer Here to view path based routing tutorial.

Azure Traffic Manager

  • Refer the below architecture Preview
  • Azure load balancer is limited to provide hight availability and scalability to Azure VMS in a single region, If your deployment is multi region, then we would have load balancer which can distribute loads only to one region.
  • Azure has a component Azure Traffic Manager, Which can be used to distribute traffic spread across Azure Regions
  • Azure Traffic Manager can be configured for
    • Performance => When client hits the url traffic manager will forward to the region with lowest latency to the user
    • Weighted and Priority
    • Geographic
    • Priority

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