AWS Classroom Series – 07/Aug/2021

Working with Databases In Elastic Beanstalk

  • Create a Database in RDS
  • Python Django:
    • Create the Python django application deployment as shown in the class
    • Now navigate to elastic beanstalk and choose Environments and select the environment created Preview Preview
    • Configuring RDS settings overthere create the following properties
      • RDS_PORT
      • RDS_DB_NAME
    • Now to configure the Database from code read the above properties from environmental variable Preview

Serverless Computing

  • Serverless is not actually serverless, it means users only need to manage code/application and not servers.
  • Servers will be managed by Service Provider.
  • We as users only pay when our code or function is executed in the server managed by provider
  • AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and gcp cloud functions are examples of serverless computing or Functions as a service (FaaS)
  • Benifits:
    • Faster time to market
    • No need to worry about infra provisioning
    • Creating functions in multiple languages that are supported by cloud provider
  • Drawbacks:
    • Not portable: There is no standard implementation of Functions as a Service. If you have written serverless in AWS and now want to run the same implementation in Azure, we need to rewrite the code.

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