Linux Boot Camp Series – 22/Feb/2020

New To Linux

Web Server

  • Helps in hosting web sites/pages
  • Responds to http/https Requests Preview
  • Popular Web Servers are
    • Apache Web Server
    • Nginx Web Server
    • Microsoft IIS

Apache Web Server

  • Create a ubuntu linux
  • Login into the linux system
  • Install apache webserver
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2 -y
sudo apt-get install apache2-doc -y

# Check
sudo service apache2 status

Play with Document Root

  • Default Document root is /var/www/html
  • The default page is shown from here
  • Navigate to this folder
# log in to the linux machine
# Become root user
sudo -i 
cd /var/www/html 

  • Create some more html files
cp index.html info.html  
# http://<publicip>/info.html
echo "Hello, Welcome to test page" > test.html
# http://<publicip>/test.html


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