DevOps Classroom Series – 22/Feb/2020


  • Openshift helps in simplifying k8s deployments
  • Openshift has a K8s cluster running.
  • In K8s, we have two types of nodes
    • Master
    • Worker
  • In Openshift
    • Master(k8s) => Master (openshift)
    • Worker (k8s)
      • Worker Node (openshift)
      • Infra Node
  • Infra Nodes are required to maintain
    • DNS Components of open shift
    • OCR (a Private Docker Registry)
    • Routes of Openshift
    • Maintain
      • Build Specs
      • Image Streams
      • Catalogs Preview

Openshift Product Lines

  • OKD (all the components on one server)
  • Openshift Online
  • Openshift Enterprise
  • Openshift on Cloud Providers like Azure and AWS

Openshift Exercise

  • Create an Openshift online account from here

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