AWS Classroom Notes 19/Dec/2021


  • AWS Interface to communicate
  • Console:
    • Credentials => Email/username/Password
  • CLI
    • Credentials => Access Key id and secret access key
  • SDK
    • Credentials => Access Key id and secret access key
  • Refer Here for creating iam credentials

S3 from aws cli

  • S3 URI
  • bucket => s3://<bucket-name>
  • folder => s3://<bucket-name>/<folder>
  • object => s3://<bucket-name>/<folder>/<object>
  • aws s3 cli documentation Refer Here
  • AWS CLI aws <service> <action> [--argument1 value1 ... --argumentn valuen]
  • S3 available commands Refer Here
  • Activity: using cli to create a bucket with cross region replication enabled
  • Step 1: Create two buckets in two different regions Refer Here for the changeset
  • Step 2: Enabling Version:
  • Refer Here for the changes done in the class
  • Exercies:
  • Write aws cli to
    • create s3 bucket
    • upload folders
    • upload files
    • delete s3 bucket
    • create a static hosting website from cli

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