DevOps Classroom Series – 30/Jun/2021

Centralized Version Control System

  • Version control (Revision Control) is a system that records changes to a file or groups of files and directories over time, so that we can review or go back to specific versions. In addition to this it will allow multi user mode
  • In Centralized System, any one who makes changes needs to given access to the central location (Central Repository) Preview
  • Once they have the access and the client software, the users can get the working copy, make changes, get latest changes etc…..
  • For any reason if the central repository is down, all the developers will not be able to
    • make changes in connected centralized version control system
    • update/get changes in the disconnected centralized version control system
  • To resolve this, we have version control adminstrators who configure
    • Primary and Standby Servers
  • For any version control system, backups and archivals are important, Administrators configure this (Subversion Administrator, Clearcase Administrators)

Distributed Version Control System

  • Git was created by Linus Torvalds (who is also known for the linux kernel).
  • The primary objective behind Git was to implement and design a version control system that is distributed, reliable and fast. Preview

Working with Git

  • Installing Git:
    • Windows: Refer Here
    • Mac: Refer Here follow homebrew approach
    • Linux:
      • RedHat: sudo yum install git -y
      • Ubuntu: sudo apt install git -y
  • Learning Git Commands

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